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Giving Congress Legislative Guidance

Our inaugural legislative lobbying campaign aims to address the topmost concern facing America, as established by a majority vote among members.

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This section aims to enhance Americans’ understanding and engagement with the most concerning issues facing the nation.

Each icon in this section connects to an individual page dedicated to the topic of the icon. The pages house a vast amount of beneficial information that members can use to educate themselves and gain a better understanding of the issue. Additionally, the pages provide information on what elected officials are doing to solve the issues discussed. All the topic pages are laid out identically, making them extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Each topic page offers access to an area in our forum that is designated solely for discussion related to the issue you are reviewing. The pages also contain interactive knowledge-building surveys that use logic and reasoning to help members develop a greater understanding of the issue. You will find a direct link to topic-related Congress and Senate bills and legislation that have been introduced, as well as those that are making their way through the process of becoming law. The pages provide a direct link allowing members to review what corporations, affiliates, and special interest groups are lobbying elected officials in Washington, DC, specifically relating to the topic at hand. Members will also find an area where key bills affecting the topic are reviewed and summarized by Americans Say. Selected key bills making their way through the legislative process are summarized, highlighting important points and reducing complex and lengthy text into easily understandable summaries. Each page also provides a large amount of current news articles, podcast episodes, and news and commentary videos that deal directly with the topic being reviewed. Finally, topic pages contain a direct link to a number of information sources that can be used by members to further develop a more complete understanding of the issues as they research them.

The process we use is simple. Members may use materials found on our site along with outside information to better educate and familiarize themselves with the issues affecting America. Routinely Americans Say will set a call at a defined time for members to vote on the most crucial issue at that time. The issue deemed most crucial will be highlighted, allowing members the ability to become more familiar with the specified topic. We make use of logical and knowledge-building surveys to allow an opportunity for members to develop a more united view which will then give unfettered results on where we stand.

Our goal is to find common ground on issues facing America through a nonpartisan survey system rooted in knowledge and logic in addition to the traditional methods used by citizens.
Members review the issue and then vote to determine their alignment or opposition to the most relevant bill in the process relating to the issue. We then use our contracted lobbyists to work with elected officials guiding the bill to reach our desired outcome. If there are no bills that match our needs, we use surveys, polls, and votes to create an outline for a new bill. This outline is then given to elected representatives with the hope of being developed into a bill introduced to Congress with the goal, ultimately, of becoming law. We apply the same lobbying effort to the outline as mentioned above. Occasionally, bills may undergo changes that significantly broaden their scope. In such instances, members may need to vote on whether to support or oppose these changes. We will notify members of any significant changes to bills we are covering through our guidance campaigns, which will be sent via email. Additionally, updates to the bills are found on the dedicated page for the issue in the Common Ground & Political Action section under the observed bills tile.

Our organization carefully examines the lobbying activities of corporations and special interest groups in regard to proposed bills. We provide our members with updates on important bills that are being impacted by these lobbying efforts. Our members then vote to determine their stance, whether in support or opposition, and we send our contracted lobbyists to inform elected officials of the group’s position and work for our desired outcome.