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Americans Say is a 100% non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated only to uniting Americans and teaming them with their elected representatives, allowing for an all-inclusive effort in creating policy that directs America and its citizens.


We carry on the belief that information and unity create success. With that in mind, our goal is to provide unbiased, unfiltered, and objective information so that you can make informed decisions about the crucial issues facing our country, become more active in the political system, and engage with your elected representatives in the same fashions afforded to corporations, special interest groups, and affiliations.


With you, our fellow American citizens, we can create a substantive voice worthy of a seat at the table of legislation development.


“We The People” – It Shall Be!


Dean S.
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With Americans Say, I understand Washington, DC, much more easily and am excited to have an active role in it.
Paula H.
Game-changing Democracy
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To think of the solutions we as citizens can develop, helping to solve several of the critical matters we all face.
Debbie K.
“We the people”
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I love the concept - Citizens having direct input on policy creation and awareness of affiliations lobbying their agendas.
Ron A.
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Americans, the largest group with the most interest in America, heard the same as corporations and special interests, outstanding.
Anna S.
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The first thing I noticed was no annoying advertising cluttering my experience.


These questions and answers may help!

Does Americans Say sell advertising space or receive government, corporate, or third-party funding?

The site is entirely funded from Individual membership fees.

Does Americans Say use AI in the program?

There are no AI-powered assistants involved with the site. All content is created with human thought, care, and concern.

Will Americans Say offer the same service to the members at their state level?

We have easy-to-use state legislative page links on the site. An add-on interactive system is scheduled to be ready mid to late 2024 for individual state coverage.

Since Americans Say utilizes lobbying to promote members' views in legislative policy creation, are they or members considered lobbyists?

American Say and its members do not lobby; we contract with third-party professional  lobbying firms.

Are corporations, special interests, affiliations, super PACs, and other organizations able to become members?

Membership is for individual American citizens only.

Are lobbying efforts funded using membership fees?

Members wishing to do so fund the lobbying efforts with their donations.

With Americans seeming divided, is unity possible?

Studies show that most Americans have a like-minded opinion of important, commonly  understood issues that bias tactics cannot affect.

As a grassroots platform, are any additional services or features planned?

Ultimately, as a manner of authentic grassroots projects, the member group input will help  guide the creation of the features and services added in the future.

We Can't Do This Without You

Engaged citizens are the Heartbeat of American democracy. If you’ve wished to be involved in guiding America’s direction, here is the ability, and now is the time to make your voice heard. We need our fellow citizens to stand united with us, securing the American values we all believe in.

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Get unbiased updates from Americans Say with our monthly newsletter, even if you’re not a member yet. See how our members are taking action on current issues.

Receive Our Newsletter

Get unbiased updates from Americans Say with our monthly newsletter, even if you’re not a member yet. See how our members are taking action on current issues.