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This section of the issue page aims to establish a nonpartisan and agreeable perspective on the matter, and covers political actions taken in relation to it.


This tile enters you to the crucial segment of establishing a starting point for the group to collectively form their stance on a particular issue and determine the necessary direction to reach an equitable shared opinion. This process empowers Americans to gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and create a more comprehensive perspective that aligns with common ground. The survey consists of four parts that are conducted in a campaign series. Part 1 is a basic questionnaire that serves as a foundation for identifying where members stand on various aspects of the issue. The responses from Part 1 are used to develop the survey questions for Part 2, which is more in-depth and presents nonpartisan facts and views from previously unconsidered positions. Members are encouraged to use their knowledge and logical thinking to assess the issue. Similar to Part 2, Part 3’s questionnaire is based on the responses from Part 2. It expands on areas and facts that the majority of the group agreed upon concerning the issue. The scenarios and questions presented in Part 3 further allow for nonpartisan factual interaction with aspects of the issue, leading to a more unified opinion among members. Part 4 utilizes answers from the entire campaign series to determine the group’s collective stance on the issue and streamline the process of voting on issues and legislation. 

Bills Observed and Depicted 

Under this tile we provide information on H.R.S. bills that have the potential to become law and have a significant impact on the issue. Our coverage includes identifying who is lobbying for the bill and their agenda. As the bill progresses, we provide updates on any merging of bills and the likelihood of passage. We provide a simple summary of the bills as they grow in size and complexity, making it easier to navigate. In addition, we report on what elected officials are saying about the bill and more. 

Bills Introduced in the 118th Congress

From this tile, you can easily access a comprehensive list of legislation that has been presented to Congress and pertains strongly to the matter at hand. By referring to this list, you can stay abreast of the developments regarding a great deal of the legislation relevant to the issue. 

Lobbying Reports 

This tile is a link to lobbying reports filed by those who have lobbied about this issue in the previous quarter. It is useful information that enables you to determine the extent of outside parties’ influence on the matter.