Citizens Lobbying Congress

Guiding Legislation

Research the Issues

For every issue we cover, there’s a dedicated page that will give you the information you need to stay informed and better understand the topic.

Find Common Ground

Common Ground surveys promote unbiased evaluation and logical reasoning of the issue, leading to a more unified opinion. Thus increasing the likelihood of agreement.

Discuss the Issues

Participate in our free speech forums to engage in lively discussions and debates about current affairs. We offer three distinct platforms catering to all members, independent/democrats, and independent/republicans. Please note that selecting a specific party platform is mandatory during membership activation.

Vote the Issues

Before launching a new legislative guidance campaign, members can vote on which issue should be prioritized. Specific dates for voting will be established.                                                              (voting is on website, one vote per member)

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Vote the Topics

The issue receiving a majority of votes will be considered the focus of attention, issues with a vast number of topics under their umbrella will have a topic vote determining where we focus on the issue.                                                              (voting is on the website, one vote per member)

Vote on Legislation

Our process involves identifying important, introduced HRS bills about the issue and organizing member majority votes to either support or oppose them. If there are no existing bills, our members work with us to create a bill outline through an interactive poll/survey process which we then deliver to representatives.      (voting is by secure email, one vote per member)

Lobby Our Position

Our hired lobbyists educate Congress about our position by using research and meeting with representatives. In addition, we take into account the lobbying activities of special interest groups and corporations, and our lobbying efforts are funded by member donations.

Lobby the Legislation

Members receive lobbyist reports with updates on progress and obstacles during bill creation. We’re informed of support or opposition from corporations or interest groups. Significant changes may require additional voting to adjust our position.

"Effectively Engaging Democracy"